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DSC is a consolidation of two insurance firms - Apex Outsourcing & DaVinci Financial - both founded by Darren Sugiyama.  DSC provides employee benefits, executive benefits, and wealth management services to closely held businesses.

Though our core focus has always been on serving our clients with superior and uber-sophisticated insurance solutions, we also provide services to our peers in the insurance industry, assisting them in delivering unique experiences and solutions to their clients as well.


In this regard, we have few competitors, but many partners.

Our fundamental belief is that there are more than enough opportunities to spread around, and that if we remain passionate about serving as many clients as we can -- whether it be directly or indirectly -- that our mission of providing unique and superior solutions will prevail.

Our Companies




DSC Financial & Insurance Solutions has absorbed Apex Outsourcing - a custom employee benefits platform for small businesses - that was once reserved for 1,000+ employee companies, making them accessible to companies with less than 50 employees.

Utilizing technology, Apex hasprovided business owners and their employees a completely unique benefits experience, from plan selection, to enrollment, to claims administration

Founded by Darren Sugiyama in 2003, Apex grew to over $37 million in annual sales within its 7th year, becoming the #1 producing benefits firm in the country for BenefitMall, Kaiser Permanente, HealthNet, and Colonial Life.


DaVinci Financial & Insurance Associates has also been absorbed by DSC after being a leader in the life insurance industry since 2012.

Also founded by Darren Sugiyama, DaVinci made a name for itself by serving business owners and their employees from the West Coast to the East Coast using technology to communicate with their clients virtually, long before COVID impacted the way companies operate virtually today.

In 2017, DaVinci was responsible for 25% of all the life insurance policies sold for Pacific Life in Orange County, California.  In 2018, DaVinci was responsible for 29% of the all the life insurance policies sold for Penn Mutual in Orange County, and in 2019, over 38%.

Meet Our CEO


Darren Sugiyama is the Founder & CEO of DSC Financial & Insurance Solutions, and was the original founder of both Apex and DaVinci.  In 2022, he decided to merge both organizations together and re-brand the consolidated organization as "DSC" (Darren Sugiyama Companies).


Darren is also an internationally acclaimed author of seven published books.  His literary works are currently being distributed in Australia, Brasil, Canada, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.


His most notorious book, How I Built A $37 Million Insurance Agency In Less Than 7 Years, was originally published in 2010, however in 2020, he released the Second Edition of this book, updating everything he has learned and implemented in his business over the last decade.

Darren has also been a major educational contributor to the insurance industry with two of his books, including OUCH - How My Investment Advisor Lost Me $930,000 In Three Years (a book about using life insurance and annuities as supplemental retirement income tools) and Premium Financed Life Insurance - The Key To Effective Estate Tax Planning (a book about using third-party lender capital to finance the purchase of $10MM-$250MM life insurance policies).

He is also a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker and has delivered keynote speeches at national events for multi-billion dollar insurance carriers, as well as both communication coaching and executive coaching for their management teams.

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