Apex has been the leader in small group employee benefits for almost two two decades now, and continues to create innovative solutions, bringing Big Company Benefits to small businesses. 


We have extremely strong relationships with the top insurance carriers which allows us to do things for our clients that regular brokers just don't have the resources to offer you.

In the video below, several insurance carrier executives talk about what they think about us, and why they have chosen to work so closely with Apex Outsourcing Insurance Services.



Most employees don't understand their benefits. 




Because insurance is confusing... but more imp0rtantly, most brokers do a terrible job of explaining how health insurance actually works... especially when it comes to the cost-to-benefits ratio.

We call this the Net Annual Cost of Healthcare (NACH).

Watch the 2-minute video below to see how we give our clients completely different employee benefits experience by using technology to calculate what the best value is for each individual employee. 


No other employee benefits firm offers this level of sophistication when it comes to employee education.

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